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With regard to the work stated as Wood Box
The work is generally put in a box made of paulownias. A signature of a potter is written in the box(=Hakogaki). Please understand that it takes time for approximately 2 weeks after a session was finished to make the box. It is also possible to make it in works that do not mention Wood Box.In that case it will be an extra charge.We would appreciate your understanding.

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In this site, we often use Japanese name in the Roman alphabet for the title.We hope that you will enjoy Japanese style as the ones who introduce Bizen pottery. Here please let us explain typical words which we use.

Japanese English
Sara/Zara Plate
Hachi/Mukouzuke Bowl
Guinomi/Sakazuki/Hai/Syuki Sake Cup
Tokkuri Sake Bottle
Chawan Bowl for powdered green tea. Tea bowl.
Chaire Tea caddy.
Mizusashi Water jar
Hanaire / Kaki Vase for flower
Kakehanaire It is a flower vase to hang on a wall and a pillar.
Kouro Incense burner
Yunomi/Kumidashi Cup